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Teaching Assistant - Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

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Teaching Assistant - Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

​SupplyGo are heavily recruiting for Teaching Assistants in and around Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We currently have a large number of Teaching Assistants and SEND Teaching Assistants working long-term in a number of schools across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, and we require a number of new Teaching Assistants to place in similar positions.

Why SupplyGo:

- An open chat regarding pay, we do not dictate your rate - we find you work on your rate!
- We work with schools all across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. There is a very good chance we have a relationship with a number of local schools no matter where you are based.
- Our relationships go back a number of years with a number of schools. They are pleasant places to work who treat supply staff like part of the team because you are!
- Our consultants have worked for a number of large agencies and we have adapted our approach to providing a more personable and tailored experience for all of our staff.
- We value the work that you do. We don't try and send you to schools that are too far and year groups that you are not comfortable with. The only way a working relationship can be successful is if you are happy with the work you are getting.
- We are extremely busy. Schools are candidates are buying into what we are about. People are looked after and feel valued.
- The people who own the business are the people on the ground floor working with schools. We care about getting it right for our staff and our schools.
- Whereas we are on all the major job boards, over 30% of our staff are referrals from Schools and other staff. We plan to keep the personal experience we bring.

The biggest reservations we hear from people are the fear of getting a lack of work or a fear of being exploited. We understand both of these concerns and want to take the time to understand your working preferences, your personality and tailor you to certain schools where you can excel and get the right volume of work.

Every one of our consultants who work with schools have been working with schools for at least 5 years. This means the people finding you work are experienced, knowledgeable and know the market. You aren't going to be passed from pillar to post with a new consultant every week who hasn't met you or understands your needs.

Please get in contact on 0115 855 0232 or email for a chat regarding work opportunities around Nottinghamshire.